Dear Friends,

This is LAMAYeshi from Yushu Tibetan prefecture in Qinghai province in China. 

I am writing because I am currently working on the Yushu earthquake relief effort, and we need your help. Since the earthquake, I have been assisting the Tibetan Village Project in its efforts to distribute aid in the Yushu area. In the course of conducting site visits around Yushu, it came to my attention that several villages and a monastery in Zhong Da Township are still without the resources they need to cope with the disaster. On behalf of my friends in Zhong Da, I am seeking funding for a couple of small-scale projects. Zhong Da is located northwest of Yushu near the epicenter of the quake, but unfortunately, the villages there have not seen as much aid because they are so difficult to access.

I have attached a proposal to fund tents for the villagers to use during the all-important caterpillar fungus picking season that is fast approaching. I hope you can take the time to read it carefully. Together with the residents of Zhong Da, we are trying to raise 120,000RMB for the tents before the season begins in a couple of weeks. If you are interested in funding part of this project or know of another individual or organization that might be interested, please let me know as soon as possible. The villagers of Zhong Da need your help and support.

Thank you very much and Tashi Delek. Please feel free to forward this email on.

Warm Regards,

lama Yeshe